About ME

The story so far

I am a small town guy born in Vijayawada, India and have come a long way since then. My passion for Jesus and young people has pushed me to write and share my heart about Jesus in many places and settings. I’ve had the privilege to share in Small Groups, Youth Meetings, Churches, Conferences, Bible Colleges among others. I am zealous for the Word of God (Bible) and am driven to paint its beauty and transforming power in a unique and fresh way relevant to the youth of today.

I’m always up for a cup of hot filter coffee and great conversation!

Blog - PivotPost

PivotPost was birthed out of my deep desire for this generation to see Jesus. A platform for young people to visit, browse and get inspired to see Jesus from a fresh lens. You will find content here that is authentic, relevant and engaging to our generation. Read more about the Start of PivotPost – Here

Marketing & Growth

In addition, I am passionate about brands and startups in the Digital realm. I love growth and exploring the latest trends around. Currently, I work as a Digital Marketing Manager at OnJuno (Mobile App) overseeing all marketing & growth activitives in addition to freelance work on the side. Expertise includes Branding, Social Media, Paid Marketing, SEO, E-Mail among others.

In my previous stint, I have done over 3+ years in Marketing & Business Development, responsible for strategizing, generating business, and overseeing all Marketing efforts