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I am an avid Blogger, Speaker and Digital Marketer (or let’s just say I try to be). My passion for Jesus and Young People has pushed me to write and share my perspective on the Christian Faith to our Generation. At work, I’ve always had a heart for Marketing, more specifically Digital Marketing. Currently gained over 4 Years of Corporate Work Experience with expertise in Content, Paid Marketing (SEM), Social Media, SEO, E-Mail, Revenue Generation among others and strive to help Brands in the Digital World.

My greatest desire is for our generation to see Jesus. PivotPost was birthed out of that desire, a platform for young people of all kinds. I write on topics relevant to the Youth of Today in the Christian Faith. Join in, let’s explore together…

I love working with Brands & Startups to enhance their Digital Space. Gained over 4 Years of Experience with expertise in Branding, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Paid Marketing, E-Mail among others

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